Taking international logistics
to the next level

Considering the diversification and changes to international logistics nowadays,
we see it as our mission to go beyond what is expected from a logistics company
and become the best partner for your better business.

About Us

Founded in 1946, Fuji Warehouse Corporation has since grown alongside the development of Yokohama port.
Starting with warehousing, we have gone on to expand our services to customs clearance, merchandise processing and forwarding.
This means that today Fuji Warehouse Corporation offers the whole range of international logistics services to all customers.

Global Logistics

Our long history of warehousing experience enables us to provide high quality services such as transport arrangements, customs clearance, storage at a bonded warehouse, packing for export and the management of stevedoring worker. The quality of customer’s product is the first priority we care about and we offer the most effective plan for your business.

Storage for Coffee Beans

See how we store and handle coffee beans in variety of bags or cartons which are delivered from all around the world.

Sorting Nuts

We have two methods of sorting nuts including peanuts, almond, and cashews: hand-picking and machine-sorted. We can arrange to use the method you prefer.

Our Services

Warehousing & Storage

We own 4 warehouses in Yokohama, where we store several kinds of food ingredients and organic products and provide distribution processes that include packaging, inspection and labelling, and arrangements of transportation.

Freight Forwarding

We arrange for delivering cargo worldwide, using the safest and most cost efficient methods.

Customs Clearance

Our importing and exporting operation is supported by experienced customs specialists,offering a speedy and suitable customs clearance.


Our high security systems keep the important and confidential documents safe and we deliver them speedily upon a customer’s request.

Information & Systems

We create and offer the best logistics systems for managing your goods in storage.